Building capacity of organizations to raise the voices of community members to influence community health


At the Episcopal Health Foundation, we believe that every community has assets and resources that can be leveraged in transforming the health of its residents.

Community engagement enables a two-way interaction process between you and the communities you serve so that communities have a role in the planning and decision making. We can help move your engagement work from simply making a difference in your organization to making a difference in the community.  

The workshop overall was great for me. Presenters were very warm, friendly, enthusiastic and well informed.
– Madisonville Community Leader

Available Workshops:

Engaging Community

We know engaging communities can be difficult, time-consuming work and it can be complicated knowing when, where and how to start. We understand it can be difficult navigating relationships and managing expectations from the community. We also know that sometimes engagement practices become stagnant and opportunities to advance engagement efforts are not taken advantage of.

This is exactly why we have developed a series of workshops to help organizations plan and execute successful community engagement efforts. These workshops are designed to assist our grantees, congregations and other community partners in designing or strengthening community engagement efforts. We’ll help you create a plan that aligns participation goals, and engagement activities with the promises to the community. Following the workshops your organization will receive coaching and technical assistance to help with implementation of the plan.

•The first of the series, “Approaching Community Engagement” is an introduction to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Principles of Community Engagement and Continuum of Community Engagement as a framework to develop engagement efforts.

•The second workshop “Creating a Community Engagement Plan” is dedicated to helping an organization prepare a tailored plan of engagement. This interactive workshop provides participants with tools to effectively build community relationships, identify and approach concerns and issues with and through those we want to serve.

Building Relationships for Community Engagement

This workshop provides organizational leaders with skills and knowledge for building relationships in the community they want to engage. Topics include implicit bias, active listening, appreciative inquiry and tips for having tough conversations.

Supporting Organizations to raise the voices of community members to influence community health

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