Episcopal Church Asset Map

Want to learn more about how other congregations work with their communities?

EHF is partnering with the Episcopal Diocese of Texas to help build its portion of a new nationwide community outreach asset map for The Episcopal Church developed by Episcopal Relief and Development. The map is intended to help connect people to the abundant ministries of the Episcopal Church and help spread ideas and information.

Click on the asset map below to get started:


We invite you to take a look around and explore by clicking on the map above. See what is happening not just in Texas, but across the church nationally.  The map can help you build networks with people interested and involved in similar ministries, find partners in your region, or it can be a jumping off point for entirely new directions.

Input information about your church!

The success of the map depends upon participation from Episcopal congregations. If you are connected to an Episcopal institution, please take a moment to find your church or institution by clicking the map. If you believe the information is inaccurate or incomplete, you can add to it by clicking on the “Take the Survey” button and make edits. Once a Diocesan Map Administrator has approved the suggested changes, they will appear on the updated map.

If you need assistance filling out the map, contact Melodee Toles by email or at 832-658-2662.  

Tips for for filling out the map – before you begin

  • Scroll through it and take notes on the types of information it asks for
  • Gather the requested information and/or consult with other individuals in the parish about areas on the form that relate to their work and ministries.
  • Pre-write the larger text areas so that they can more easily be cut and pasted into the text blocks.
  • Immediately below the larger text blocks, there are references to ‘coding’ the text. Ignore this. The best, easiest way to complete these larger blocks of text is to copy and paste.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to finish the ‘Survey’ in one sitting, However, if you exit the online form before completing it, you absolutely need to scroll down to the end of the form and click on SUBMIT or all your work will be LOST.
  • If you have partially completed the form and clicked on SUBMIT, don’t be alarmed when you return and the previously submitted information is not visible. An administrator for the Asset Map must approve content before it can appear on the map

Click here for a full instruction manual on entering information into the Asset Map


Click below to watch a "how-to" video about the Asset Map

Asset map video still.png