2017 Evaluation Report

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Episcopal Health Foundation evaluates its investment portfolio and presents these results in a yearly evaluation report. The 2017 Evaluation Report analyzed the results of over 280 active community health investments. EHF defines a community health investment as a discrete contribution of dollars or staff time intended to support an organization, set of organizations, or community in launching or advancing work designed to transform health. Foundation investments include grants, research projects, and community and congregational engagement programs.

2017 was the final year of EHF’s first three-year strategic plan for investment. This year’s Evaluation Report presents the cumulative results of that period (2015-2017). It also assesses the legacy of this plan and implications for the new, five-year strategic plan beginning in 2018. The 2017 evaluation report functions as a capstone for EHF’s first three years and bridges the foundation’s past and future strategic priorities.

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