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 “From the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to being transparent and measuring the true impact of our work to create healthier communities in Texas,” said Elena Marks, EHF’s president and CEO. “We publish our evaluation reports because we want to be accountable as a health philanthropy.”


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See the complete 2018 Impact Evaluation Report

Episcopal Health Foundation conducts evaluation for two primary purposes. First, as an institution of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas (EDOT) and a public charity, EHF strives to be transparent about and accountable for the use of the abundant resources entrusted to the Foundation. Second, the Foundation wants to learn from its previous experience about how to improve its work and increase its impact going forward. The annual evaluation report supports both purposes.

For the past four years, EHF has evaluated its investment portfolio and presented these results in a yearly evaluation report. The 2018 Evaluation Report analyzes the results of 330 active community health investments, 145 of which were newly initiated in 2018. EHF defines a community health investment as a discrete contribution of dollars or staff time intended to support an organization, set of organizations, or community in launching or advancing work designed to transform health. Foundation investments include grants, research projects, and community and congregational engagement programs.

Notably, 2018 represents the first full year of EHF’s 2018-2022 strategic plan. Considering this fact, many of the learnings in this report emphasize evaluation of the Foundation’s processes rather than outcomes. This also marks our first year of collecting indicator data from grantees, a practice that will continue to evolve as we learn which metrics most meaningfully capture the impact of our grant investments.

See the complete 2018 Impact Evaluation Report



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